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mailchimp with wordpress

Mailchimp With WordPress Elementor Newsletter Sign Up Form

A website that is effective at generating leads should always have a primary and secondary call to action. Your primary call to action is to purchase goods and services. The secondary call to action is for those not ready to buy from you yet. What they are ready for is to stay connected with your business because they like what

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Animated Gif With Canva Pro

Animated Gif With Canva Pro For WordPress Website Microanimation

Animated Gif With Canva Pro Websites with animation are one of the latest trends in small business website designs. You don’t need Photoshop or video editors to create an animated gif online. In this video, I show you how to make animated Gif with Canva Pro to put on your WordPress website. I also include tips on troubleshooting your gif

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Best small business website builder

Best Small Business Website Builder For WordPress

Whether you are just starting your business or are within the first pivotal 5 years of your business you need a website. A website gives people a place to check you out when they hear about you or meet you and it shows them you are a legitimate business. Legitimate businesses want clients to trust them and a website is

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Website Marketing Analytics

Website Marketing Analytics To Track For Business Growth

Your website is your largest marketing asset and one of your most expensive. A website created specifically for business growth can be a powerful marketing tool. In order to know if this marketing tool is working to drive business, you need to track and review key metrics. There are so many website marketing analytics data points that can be viewed

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Ranking Your Article In A Google Answer Box

Importance Of Ranking Your Article In A Google Answer Box

Search Engine Optimization has changed significantly over the last 5 years and it continues to evolve as Google works to bring us, users, the content we are looking for. Searchers have become more sophisticated as Google makes it easier to find the things we are looking for. It is important to consider Ranking Your Article In A Google Answer Box.

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Design Elements Every Company Website Must Have

7 Design Elements Every Company Website Must Have

The website is a company’s biggest and typically the most expensive marketing asset they have. If designed correctly your website will generate leads for your business by engaging visitors and getting them to take action to become a customer. There are certain design elements every company website must have in order for it to work hard to get you, customers.

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Trends Changing Small Business Website Design

5 Trends Changing Small Business Website Design

Small business website design is getting some great new design elements due to technological innovations in other business categories such as gaming, movies, and accessibility. There are 5 trends changing small business website design now and into the future to increase engagement on your website and ultimately lead to more customers. Scrolling and Imaging layering for message awareness Kinetic Typography

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website design for small business

Top 7 Website Design Ideas For Small Business In 2022

A website for a small business is the number one marketing asset. Small business website design has to be about attracting the right people, your target audience, to your website and getting them to take action on the website. Aesthetics come a close second, but how it looks is not as critical as what is on the page. There are

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