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Easily Share Your Content With Social Pilot, Mailchimp & WordPress

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Easily Share Your Content With Social Pilot, Mailchimp & WordPress

SocialPilot is a great tool for easily sharing your content with a large audience. With MailChimp, you can easily create and send newsletters or email campaigns. And with WordPress, you can easily create a blog and share your content with a large audience. This video will show you how to easily share your content with SocialPilot, MailChimp, and WordPress, so you can grow your reach and audience!

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Rough Transcript Of The Video

Creating content for your marketing campaigns and video articles  that’s half the battle then figuring out an easy way to push that out that gets a little bit trickier because you could have multiple social platforms emailing all different types of things and now content creation is a little is much more varied right you’ve got articles you’ve got blogs you’ve got  short video long video  and then traditional or what used to be traditional social posts 

 I’m going to share with you an easy way for content sharing  and this works great for video and for articles   I got my little whiteboard set up here for you and I’m gonna kind of map it out a little bit so you kind of understand the strategy  

this is  Step One create your content  make your video write your article get that content created if you want to do a mix of short videos and long videos I suggest doing one long video with a bunch of different information in it  that you can share that out in different formats as a short video as the full-length video you can cut the Snippets up and reuse it 

I love the idea of repurposing and reusing content as much as possible if you’re going to be creating an article think about what type of shorter posts you can make from that larger article as well that can actually go out into social media right that content can be cut down then number two you’re gonna post your video to YouTube  

I know there are a lot of video platforms out there I’m competing with YouTube there’s Vimeo there are other things sometimes people have their own video hosting platforms you don’t ever want to post and host your video on your web servers they’re not designed for that YouTube is great it’s the number one platform right now and 

just by posting it there you’re gonna get generally really good awareness you know at this point in time end of 2022 or early 2023  you know YouTube is rivaling Netflix they’re kind of going after them a little bit  why not take advantage of being part of that wave  post your video to YouTube then create a blog article with the video on your website embedding the YouTube video  

that it’s actually on your website this does a couple of things for you it actually pulls traffic to your business website which you want for search engine optimization and then it allows you to add different things to the video  page the article page that you don’t necessarily get when you’re hosting it on YouTube if you want people to read other articles if you want them to click on specific links your call to actions can be buttons all that descriptive information that goes with it is under your control 

let me show you an example of what this looks like okay   this is  a page I created for one of my shorts  I created a short about resending  MailChimp emails in just three easy steps and  I wrote a nice little intro for it I formatted the short  it looks like a vertical video I added my subscribe link because I want people to subscribe to my channel and then, of course, I am a MailChimp partner MailChimp affiliate and  if someone wants MailChimp 

I want them to use my link that helps me to keep creating great content and then what I do is a really rough transcription of the video and I pop it in there for content and then there’s a there’s always additional videos articles podcast episodes because I have a podcast that I am put in there  then I

 get to put that in  the article on my blog  as you can see this and then on the right-hand side my blog is set up so that you can consume more content that is similar to what you’ve already consed  they’re on my website they’re watching the video they’re reading through and maybe they’re going to click through and  read me other articles look at another video and it’s all right in one place and as well as  to sign up for my newsletter 

which I have a little pop-up that comes out on the side for that’s YouTube then create the blog article and then for articles go right to the blog right  you’re gonna write your article select your images put them on a Blog and then they’re all hunky-dory and fine  here’s where kind of the easy part comes in  next you want to use Socialpilot and Socialpilot is a really great tool it will allow you to upload video and posts and then send them out to all your different social feeds which is really great 

I did a beginner tutorial on social pilot definitely check that out

that’ll be in the description but here’s the one thing I want to share with you about this easy content strategy is one of the features of Socialpilot is that it can automate a Content feed from your website  you connect your blog to social pilot and then social pilot every time you create a brand new  blog article will automatically push that article out to any and all of your social platforms  

that could be Twitter it could be your uh Google my business which is now a Google Business listing uh profile  now that you have your video as well as your articles on your blog you can automate the push of those blog articles and you do that by taking your blog connecting it to Social pilot to easily share content and then every time you create and publish a new blog article it’s going to push that out to this the social profiles that you’ve connected it to  

you can do Twitter you can do your Google business profile you can do Instagram you can do LinkedIn there are a bunch of different options that you have now and once that feed is set up you don’t have to worry about it  as long as you publish it and the connection is there they’re going to automatically go out  that takes care of social posting 

but now let’s talk about  doing the same thing to your email marketing Community hopefully you are building an email list and you’re sending out to them regularly these types of posts and content are really great to send out as newsletters

I did a whole video tutorial about MailChimp newsletters  how to set up the template when to schedule everything

those links are going to be in the show notes  now that we’ve talked about  what to do with Socialpilot and what to do with MailChimp let me walk you through how to actually set up that content feed for your blog inside of Socialpilot, okay  here we are inside of 

Socialpilot I have this page blurred out because it is my active user account that we use for clients and  I’m just not showing you those names  from here on the left-hand panel when you toggle over it it’s going to expand out and you want to come down to Content feed click that you’re going to want to add a feed but I’m going to actually  start with managing feeds and then 

I’m actually going to show you what my existing feed looks like first. You name the feed this is my marketing masterminds feed and then here’s the magic  this is the URL for my blog  if you have a WordPress site with a Blog nine times out of ten unless you or your developer change the name of the feed that is going to be your feed  it’s going to be your website address backslash feedback check feed frequency  you can decide how often it’s going to check it and publish and you can do it every hour all the way up to 24 hours 

I like it once a day I don’t post a lot to the blog  I don’t need it to constantly be checking and the number of posts to read and send out  for me if you have posted a lot in a day and you don’t want a lot of that to push  you can tell it to post one post at a time or two at a time all at one time you can have additional hashtags  that they go out automatically 

I like to select the post type of text because it formats it really nicely inside of the system and I don’t use the UTM parameters and then what you can do is then you come down and you select the accounts that you want it to post to  I have it going out to my personal LinkedIn account income is linked to accounts and the Marketing Mastermind accounts 

this is exactly what it’s going to look like if you  come in here and set it up and  here is an example of what this uh looks like when it comes from the feed from the website and I have multiple feeds coming into my social platform on LinkedIn   

you’ll see my podcast feed here I’m playing around with my different shorts and getting those to push through from the website I have video podcast episodes and then I al have my traditional long format videos that are all getting pushed from the website and then when you click on it it doesn’t take you to YouTube it takes you to my website which is exactly what I want it to do okay and that is it  now that you understand how social pilot Works definitely go check out the 

MailChimp videos get all of that setup and then every time you create a piece of content create the blog article and then send it out to

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