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Social Media Training: A Strategy To Make Social Media Easier Lesson 1

A Strategy To Make Social Media Easier

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Here is a rough transcript of the video audio of A Strategy To Make Social Media Easier Lesson 1.

In lesson one where we’re jumping off is at the very beginning which is strategy and goals and yes we’re going to talk about how 

this is really going to build the foundation for the rest of this course for you so let’s dive in okay so what are we going to cover in this la in this session 

we’re going to cover uh why goals are important because they really are 

how a strategy like this is going to make all of your social media easier we’re going to talk about the components of content strategy and then i have a worksheet for you that we’re going to walk through and then i’m going to review some examples Of fictitious companies that i created and what their content strategy sheets look like so let’s dive in so why do we need goals so one of the main reasons you need goals is they really set up your measurement tools you set a goal you do some stuff and then you measure to see if it worked right that’s how you know what you’re doing is worth doing it and i think if you know that you’re moving the needle or you’re being successful you’re going to continue to do more 

goals keep you focused on what’s important and there’s no shinier object out there than social media it is so easy to get lost in doing other things or trying to mimic and copy other people which may not be good for your business so you make a goal and that’s what keeps you focused on doing all of the things to support your goals and goals are really your jumping off point for your overall strategy and so that and then when you create strategy content creation is easier and yes it’s definitely going to be easier when you create the right strategy so let’s dive into what a couple of the the main components of strategy are right so a strategy defines your target audience and if your company can service a lot of people everyone is not your target audience when you try to sell to everyone you sell to no one because it’s so diluted what you want to do is think about the target audience that you’re willing to spend money on or the target the audience that makes you the most money either one to really help hone it down and so when you figure out who those people are what problems does your product or service solve for them every company solves problem with what they provide otherwise you wouldn’t be in business so figure out what those problems are then this strategy helps you develop the language that speaks to your audience right and it’s probably happened to you when you’ve talked to someone and what they’re saying resonates with you as a person what you like what you need you’re listening more intently and that’s what this type of language is designed to do when you find a specific audience and you speak to them it can become really powerful and then the strategy is also going to help you develop your calls to action you need calls to action um buy my stuff that’s a call that’s the simplest call to action you can have but you can get more sophisticated so let’s dive into some of these a little bit deeper okay your primary objective right your goal right what do you want your end result to be 

and that goal guides who the audience is your content your image and the creation and even it’s the beginning of figuring out what platforms you want to be on so then once you know what your goals and your objectives are who’s your primary audience and like i said before these are the people you’re willing to pay money for or they’re like that best customer and you want 50 of them next once you’ve figured that out you want to start grabbing their attention figure out three problems that you solve at least three my guess is you’re gonna find four or five but pick your top three right because you can’t again you don’t want to dilute things too much and then if you can convert that to a question that they can answer yes to that’s really awesome because when you when you ask them a question and they say yes right things change they become more open especially if it’s a positive based question that’s when you can start telling them how you can solve that problem for them and then calls to action you want to you want to figure out what your call to action is now and you definitely need one it’s much easier to get people to do what you want them to do when you tell them what to do right and then decide how you want to be contacted because people are going to contact you so if you don’t want telephone calls don’t put your telephone number out there there are so many different ways for people to get in touch with you you can have them fill out forms in either some of the social media platforms or on your website you can have them click through there’s messaging systems in many of the  

social media platforms commenting sections they’re scheduling tools out there where they can actually schedule their own appointment on your calendar for times that you’ve designated to be free for that so figure out how you want to be contacted and that’s the base of your call to action okay so let’s go through the worksheet together hopefully you have printed or pulled up a copy of your worksheet if you have the pdf the adobe pdf reader you can actually type right into the form and save it to your desktop ideally you want to make one of these for each big goal you have or a big audience shift that you have so goal what do you want your end result to be make sure that you’re picking one to two goals don’t put five of them in here because then it can get confusing and then you might try to talk about all of them in a single post who’s your audience who’s gonna benefit from your product or service the most again it’s that perfect audience it’s the one that’s going to make you money and you may have more than one or you may have more than one for a different product or service fill out multiples of these if that’s the case next what do they need what do they want 

here’s where you’re going to list those problems try to list at least three because it’s going to give you the more you have the more it’s going to give you to talk about and we’re going to go through how you’re going to talk about these in in other lessons and then how can you solve those problems try to make sure you’re using you and your language you’re putting it in their perspective not about what you are going to do we humans are all self-centered creatures and what we want to know the most when we encounter something new is is this for me and if you can help them identify their problem and if you can solve it then they’re going to be ready to listen more to you or to read more from you or to be one of your fans so this is where it gets really important make it all about them and not about you then convert those into questions that they can answer yes to and stay positive if it’s something that’s maybe not so positive like you know  did your family get the flu this year yeah they did you know that that that that joy there’s no joy and they’re then they’re starting to think about how hard it was and awful it was when people in the house were sick versus if you ask a question like are you trying to avoid getting the flu this year yes we really are and then they’re in solution mode and they’re motivated see the difference and that’s what a positive question versus a negative question can do for you calls to action you only need one or two sometimes when you get really perfect language for a call to action it’s good to use it over and over again because that actually becomes part of your brand almost like a tagline and then figure out how you want to be contacted if you want calls put your telephone number in there if you don’t want calls figure out a different way i do not recommend putting an email address in there there are spammers that scrape websites they scrape social media and they pull out email addresses and then you get unwanted solicitations but at least if you’re putting in some type of a form where someone has to fill it out 

you can avoid some of that yeah some of them are really diehards and they they put all of you know they they fill out a form and put their information in there anyway but you can help avoid that a little bit so now that we’ve gone through the form and you’ve begun to fill it out yourself i want to walk you through a couple of examples that a fictitious companies that i put together for you uh so one’s a shoe company and the other one is a cleaning company so one product based company and one service based company so let’s start with the service based company this is a residential cleaning company and their goal is three new residential cleaning customers per month right so they they do reoccur in business and they do one-time cleanings too but they want to increase that reoccurring business so that they can continue to stack those clients every single month this is a good goal for them because they don’t have to bring on a whole new crew to bring three new uh customers on per month until they hit some certain level of capacity but there’ll be plenty of time to do that um who their audience is so for them their audience is working moms ages 25 to 55 that family income level is somewhere around 100k for the northeast region where he is in that number can be different for your area so and then they’re anticipating that these families should have kids between the ages of 2 and 13 because that’s where mom is really having to pick up after the kids and uh do a lot of that stuff on their behalf plus take them to and fro so their lives are much more active and busy and involved with the kids so what do they want they so here’s their problems right they don’t have enough time to keep the house clean they’re working they’ve got the kids they’ve got all this other stuff going on 

another problem that they have is there they have they’re hosting a party and they don’t have time to get the house ready for the party plus all the other stuff they have to do and then the third one is they’re worried that the family will get sick if the house is not clean 

which is a real concern so how are we solving those problems spend more time with the family and less time cleaning notice it’s a statement about how this benefits them not something like we can clean your house the next one is don’t stress about cleaning the house when hosting a party and then the third one is keeping flu season at bay by having a clean home so that’s how you’re solving each of those problems and then here’s a couple of examples of how we can kind of turn those into questions want more me or family time you know because moms they may be they may want both of those right so yeah i want a little me time i want a little family time 

looking for ways to keep the family healthy this flu season yeah that’s motivational and then are you hosting or hosting for the holidays or are you hosting for the holidays oh gosh yes i am hosting thanksgiving or mother’s day you can kind of change out the word holidays for very specific things for different times of the year mother’s day graduation party birthdays bar mitzvahs christmas you know that’s where you can personalize something like that and then their call to actions you worry about life and leave the cleaning to us call to schedule your free in-home consultation right so they are soliciting telephone calls with this one the second one is you host and we clean schedule your free in-home consultation online and then that would have a link in there as well so you can see where you can have you can select different types and then kind of work them all in together all right so now let’s take a look at the shoe company i just thought this one would be really fun so this is a company that has an online store and they have a brick and mortar store so in this instance their goal is to send out sell 10 more store carryout items every month so it’s it’s a nice specific call and their audience is a woman ages 25 to 55 who love shoes that make them look and feel special so we’re weaving in a little bit of emotion in there so it’s not utilitarian shoes this i imagine this company where they sell fun sandals and boots and flip-flops and comfy shoes that are just have a little bling on them in multiple colors and what do they need what are their problems  they need shoes for a special occasion it’s a party or an event you can kind of insert the special event if you want if it’s a wedding if it’s a birthday party it’s a gala opening something like that doesn’t have shoes in the right color for a new outfit that they bought that’s always a good one their existing shoes are uncomfortable right they may look beautiful but if they’re not comfortable there’s some of us out there that want both right they want comfort and style all together and then i threw in a fourth one just for fun if you’re bold enough to do something like this they just broke up with their significant others and they need shoe therapy it’s a thing so how can you solve these problems the shoe makes the outfit regardless of where you are going right and where you are going could get replaced with the shoe makes the outfit when you’re attending a wedding when you’re attending a gala right you can modify that language up but this is your basic concept always look your best right down to your toes and then again that’s when you can pull in there too if it’s for an outfit or something special and this one is specifically for that for fourth one breakup sucks shoes make you look and feel better right that’s playing to some emotion some people might find it funny and some people might find it comforting believe it or not how do you pull these into questions you can answer yes to uh do you need fabulous shoes to go with that fabulous new dress or do you want to look amazing at the next party of the season and then your calls to action get directions to our store to find your next amazing pair of shoes right so you can kind of couple all of these together and notice it says get directions and you can put a link to google maps in there as well so that they can get directions from their location and then the other one was just a fun play on that that fourth problem put down the ice cream and get your get shoes instead to feel better your feet and waistline will thank you shop in store today okay so you can have fun with these and you can put some aspirational stuff out there too you know a client of mine or you may never ever ever use that fourth one but if it’s kind of sitting there in your brain and it’s something off to the side it may be a post that you do at some point way way in the future alrighty so we covered a lot here um and at the end of each of these lessons i’m going to go through next steps with you so that it can ground you into what you have to do next okay so what you’re going to do next is you’re going to complete that content strategy worksheet that we started on together and if you need help you know use the examples as inspiration or interview some clients or or someone that you know that that matches that audience to help get an 

understanding of maybe what their problems are or maybe ask them like what your question would be and then you kind of get a get some feedback then once you’re all done with that you can submit your questions or worksheets to me if you ask questions make sure you attach the worksheet so i have context and if it’s just a question or if you want me to take a look at your worksheet and give you some thoughts and ideas i can certainly do that okay go finish those content strategy worksheets and i will see you in the 

End of A Strategy To Make Social Media Easier Lesson 1 Rough transcripte

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