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Social media is a great marketing tool for small business owners. It doesn’t cost a lot to implement and getting an audience built doesn’t take a lot of time. The key to social media is to be consistent with your posting. To be consistent you have to have a plan on how often and what you are going to post. The next hurdle is finding a tool that makes the process of creating and publishing posts easy. This is where Social Pilot comes in.

Social Pilot is the best social media management tool available. The value of the features based on the pricing model is one of the best we have seen in the market place and it supports the latest social media platforms like TikTok and Google My Business with new platforms being added.

We created a walk-through video of the best features of Social Pilot.

We use Social Pilot to manage our client’s social media accounts as well as our own so the video provides additional insights as to why we like the features, not just what the features are.

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Rough Transcript For Social Pilot Video

hi i’m Audrey Kerchner i am the co-founder and chief marketing strategist at Inkyma and the main content our author for uh marketing masterminds which is uh the youtube channel you are on right now um so today’s video is a beginner level walkthrough for Social Pilot.  Social Pilot is a social media marketing um content creation and management tool and it’s one that we use at Inkyma  for more information about Inkyma and me there’s a link in the description to give you our background if you want to learn about that um so for beginning entrepreneurs um small business owners you need to post to social media and you need a very quick and easy way to do that and that’s why we really love social pilot um because it’s fast it’s easy very very user-friendly um 

so today i’m not only going to walk you through like my favorite features the best features to get started with but also a little bit behind the whys they’re so good for small business owners all right so enough about all that let’s get started so let’s start with connecting your social accounts to social pilot you’ll notice here mine says it’s a free trial um i wanted to start with a clean account because our account for income and marketing masterminds is full of client accounts and posts we’re working with it day to day and so i wanted to do this as a clean slate like you would be using it if you’re just starting out with social pilot so first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to connect our social accounts and you’ll see all the different options that social pilot has today the one thing that’s missing that i am waiting for is um youtube i have reached out to socialpilot they’ve gotten a lot of requests so they’re actually working on creating a connector for automatically posting to youtube so stay tuned for that 

so the first one i’m going to start out with is google my business now if you have a business that has multiple google my business listings because you have multiple locations you can connect them all and have your social posts go to them now what’s interesting is people don’t think google my business for social posts but in your google my business listing you have the ability to put posts out there and events that people while they’re searching for you can click on so actually this is one of my favorite connectors if you’re doing blog articles because then your blog articles get pushed out to google my business they don’t have to come to the website and you can have them click through to the website which i’m going to show you when we start creating posts so let’s connect one first it gets associated to your google account you have to allow them access and then i have access to a bunch of google my business listings um for my clients so we’re just going to ignore all of those and pick Inkyma  because that is the most robust we have and 

now i’m going to go through and i’m going to connect my instagram account business account um most businesses your instagram account is going to be a business account or it should be otherwise the postings not going to be seamless it is connected to my facebook account that’s why it’s asking me to log into facebook so if your business account is not connected to your facebook page this is not going to work so you have to do all of that first is ensure that your instagram account is connected to your facebook page it’s the way that facebook wants it there’s really nothing we or social pilot or any other social media marketing manager can do about it so that’s why it works this way and now i’m going to connect a page you can also connect groups if you’re monitoring or admining a group you can push to that as well i’m going to connect to marketing masterminds okay so

 i’ve got three accounts ready to go that i can post to so next i’m going to show you how to use content feeds so content feeds are really really great if you have blog articles that get posted regularly podcasts youtube videos anything that has an rss feed you can then once it gets posted to the feed it can automatically get set up to be posted to any of your accounts that you have associated so what i’m going to set up here is the marketing mastermind blog we post articles and videos and all that other good stuff so i’m going to name the feed because you can have more than one and then the feed url is really important if you have a wordpress website it’s going to be your domain name plus the feed behind it 99 of the time if you’re not sure what that feed url is for the rss that you’re linking to just do a simple google search and say how do i find my rss feed or my feed for my whatever podcast blog youtube channel and that’s what goes in here um check frequency so depending on how often you uh post to that should be how often you search so for me we posted the blog um sometimes daily sometimes weekly and so i have a check every 24 hours i don’t need stuff going out immediately and then i want one post to go out at a time you can set this up that if there’s three or four there they all go at the same time if there’s any hashtags that you want appended to it for things like twitter or facebook or instagram you can certainly do that and then i’m going to select a text post type because these are for my blogs now i just say which accounts i want them to go to and then i hit save and then now it’s sitting there active and then you can create one of these for every single rss feed you have out there so this is for my blog but if i wanted to do something different for the youtube channel i could do that 

so let’s walk through the post creation process i want to show you how simple this is and i’m going to first do it with uploading my own graphics and then i’m going to show you how to use canva because it’s it’s super cool so the first post that i’m going to create i upload my image file and i created a little test image here actually creating canva first and now i’m gonna now this is original draft i’m not touching any of these just yet the reason these are the only icons that are showing is those are the only account types that i have in the system if i had a twitter account a pinterest account all of those different ones would show up as well so we’re this is a fictitious one so i’m gonna just name it uh marketing okay the other nice thing is i have it invoked here um is this is grammarly so grammarly is also embedded and then i don’t but i can i can look at what needs to be fixed um so conventions punctuation grammar obviously this is not capitalized so if you have um premium it’s going to give you a lot more data it’s also going to do spell checking and then if there’s when there’s enough content it’s going to tell you the tone of the content i personally think that it’s pretty helpful and so now that i have my base content in here now i can go and edit and adjust specifically for the platform so maybe on facebook i want to add some type of an emoji right um and then in google my business you have the ability to add links right call to action links so

i’m going to add a sign up link and then i’m going to use the same url so that when this gets posted out it follows the constructs of google my business and then instagram you know we’d like to put the hashtags in the first comment rather than in the body of the post so i’m going to put in a hashtag here and i have it set up for direct publishing which you can do with a business account now if it’s a personal account then you have to set a mobile reminder where you have to come in and actually add the button so add to the queue is uh grayed out at the moment because i haven’t selected my accounts and so i can select them all or i can select only certain ones for it to go out to and then if you have a lot of accounts like we do because we publish on other people’s behalf you can actually create groups of accounts um we create a group for every single client so let’s say there’s four or five accounts that we’re posting to we put all of those accounts in a single group and then you can actually select a group over here to post to so it makes it super easy i can also add additional images if i choose to so now that my original i’ve made all my modifications now i can schedule this right so i can share it right now if i want to um [Music] or i can schedule the post and i’m going to schedule this for friday the 10th and my post is scheduled now before i go and show you where you manage all of this 

i want to walk you through how easy it is to create your imagery and then pull it directly in from canva so if you don’t have a canva account you’re going to need one there are links in this um videos description for canva for social pilot um so that you can just sign up and get to them easily you have to be logged into your canva account and once you are we’re going to go over all right so i’m going to make a fun little post here it’s got tons of different templates i’m going to do a separate video on canva but for right now i’m just going to kind of show you how easy it is to start with one of their templates and then move on so let’s assume that i’m doing a quick post for a sale so i don’t sell beauty products i sell dog supplies so i want to grab my doggie picture and i want to put my doggy picture on the phone right so the phone’s in the right spot but my dog’s a little off so i open this up i’m going to re-center my dog we’re good to go all right now i want to change my message um we’re going to say dog collar flash sale perfect all right then i want to just change a few things i think i want this content um over there my shop now button and these little doodads the little macaroni’s i want to move these so that they’re centered more just in case the edges of the post get cut off right so when we’re posting to places like instagram and facebook and all these other accounts they all have these different dimensions that’s why i love square because it fits 99 but what you want to do is make sure your important content is sitting in the center of the picture that way if the edges get cut off your messaging doesn’t get cut off and then i’m just gonna re-center this and boom we’re ready to go right i like that i’m okay with the background colors um because it’s really the dog that has to be front and center so i’ll talk more about placement and all that other good stuff when i do a canva video okay so now i’m going to publish it and there it is right back in so no switching tabs no going from one place to the next um it’s pretty seamless and believe it or not this is gonna save you time if you’re creating four five six seven different posts all at once for your channels okay so now let’s write our description and let me use the same fictitious link that i have here okay so my main post is done now i’m going to go and i’m going to edit it for facebook and let’s say for facebook i want to just add some emojis right and then for google my business i want to make sure that my link gets put into the little link box and do i want buy or order online i want buy and then i link to it here and then i’m going to add some hashtags for instagram all that is set i’m going to select them all and then i am going to schedule this to go out so because my sale starts on the 10th i’m gonna have these to go out on the ninth okay so that’s creation of posts when you already have your media 

the other thing i want you to note too is that you can upload video um one of the examples i’m going to show you a minute actually has video in it which is pretty cool okay so let’s exit out of this and now let’s go into manage post so it says i have six so as you can see here here are my dog collar flash sales and then the webinar that we created they’re all here and let’s say for some reason um i want to edit this for google my business maybe i didn’t put the rate i i want to change the date so put 12 to 22 and i can update it i can also share it now or i can schedule it on a new date maybe i don’t want it to go out on the 10th maybe in google my business i want it to go out on the 11th and i want to go out at a different time i can do that this is where they get to be independent of each other and you can you can modify as you need to the other thing is that if there is an error or you forgot to schedule something it’ll show up in this tab which all of mine are scheduled if there’s one that has an error message maybe your account got disconnected which happens no matter what platform you’re on they want to be re-verified at certain times and then what delivery is is ones that have already been delivered so i post posted something out earlier this is a video on how to get your google form link if i want i can reshare the post let’s say i did this three months ago and just something new and relevant came up so i want to re-share it out on this particular platform i can do that and then if i want to see what it looks like now that it’s posted i can actually do that so here’s what it looks like in um the google my business platform along with a bunch of other posts that i have out there and then here’s how it looks on facebook what it’s going to look like to everybody else and then if you have a person putting your posts up but you always want to see them before they go out they would go into the pending approval tab so they would create it you could review them and then you could approve them to be scheduled here okay couple more features 

analytics pretty cool you can look at analytics for twitter facebook instagram linkedin and google my business and all of the pages look very very similar you can select the date range that you want to see and then you can see how your account is doing which i think is pretty cool but if you’re actually looking at analytics across the board for this your website you might want to pull all of that data into one report rather than coming here to look at social and then going someplace else to look at your website i’ll have a video on how all of that works in the future as well and 

then you can also check your inboxes from here which i think is pretty cool i don’t have anything for my accounts at this moment in time the nature of my business i don’t get a lot of requests through here but if you schedule appointments for pet care child care you’ll probably get a lot of requests in your inbox from your google my business or from facebook or instagram asking about services and pricing and then you can actually manage monitor and respond to them all in one place here which makes your life easier the other way that you can view your posts that are scheduled to go out and have already gone out is in 

this amazing calendar review so it shows you what’s gone out on what day and you can click on them and do all the things you can from the other list and then you can see what’s scheduled to go out and what i like about this is it lets you visually see if something um if you’ve got too many posts to one channel going out in one day let’s say you’re you know scheduling five days a week six days a week and you’ve got all these posts and schedules going out but maybe you have um too many maybe you get 10 going out um maybe you don’t have enough you can create more and it automatically picks the date and time but you can actually take these and drag them and move them and say oh you know what i got not a lot going out on saturday um you know let’s let’s move this one to saturday as well too right and let’s just have it go out and maybe you want it to go out at that time you can change the time and then you can move it so we really love the calendar view because it lets us see what’s gone out when and then what is going out and making sure we have balance across all of our different post areas and then 

the last thing i’m going to show you is you can actually have team members so let’s say you have someone who’s creating all of your posts for you and you want them to do it inside of social pilot but you don’t want to give them your login and password right which is totally understandable you’re the master account you decide what plat plan you’re on what you’re paying for um maybe you don’t want them to have the ability to boost posts because you’re not boosting posts but you know so you can put in their name their email address and then if you set them as an admin they have access to do everything which i don’t recommend you can have them as a manager so you can pick specific things you want them to do or they can just literally schedule the content which means they can’t boost posts right so it kind of is a little um [Music] self-aware so yeah i wanted to add feeds no i don’t want them to connect accounts but i do want them to manage the inbox and i only want them to do it for one two accounts which means they don’t have visibility into the others or you can select them all you hit save they get an email in their inbox and then once they accept it they’ll get login credentials and then the nice thing is is that if that person leaves or they change roles it is very easy to revoke their account and then that automatically disables them from your account okay so that is our beginner basic tutorial for social pilot again um links to sign up get your social pilot account are in the description and reach out to us if you have any questions after you’ve signed up for an account and you’re trying to do things we’d love to answer and talk to you about those thanks

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