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Example Of Video Marketing For Small Business

example of video marketing

There are many types of marketing for small businesses. With the popularity of TikTok and the amount of time, everyone is spending on Youtube video marketing has become extremely beneficial when marketing a small business. With any new campaign channel, there is always doubt about how it should be done. Following what everyone else is doing may not be a good choice for your business.

There are several example of video marketing to choose from when trying to create video content that supports your business growth goals. First, make sure you know what your marketing goals are, and then decide which type of video will work best and what you are most comfortable with creating. If you don’t want to be in front of a camera yourself there are many other ways to create a video marketing campaign that will help you achieve your goals:

  • Product Demonstration
  • Service Demonstrations
  • Behind the scenes
  • FAQ Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Educational/Tutorial on-demand and live webinars
  • Live event coverage and recap
  • Show a location (store, gym, warehouse)

Now that you have an essential list of examples for video marketing, let’s go into details about each and where they can be used as content through all your marketing channels. It’s not just for Youtube and Tiktok.

What Is Video Marketing

Video marketing is a specific type of content marketing. Instead of a written piece of content, you use the medium of video to convey information. The reason video has become a must-have content tool in the small business marketing mix is because of the staggering growth of how much we consume video now. 83% of internet users watch videos online (Statista). 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a business (Hubspot)

In marketing, the rule of thumb is to create content that your audience wants and publish it to where they are so you can generate awareness for your brand which will lead to sales and loyal customers. Video marketing is no different. Videos have a higher brand recall rate compared to articles by 85%.

It is much easier to help someone solve their problem with a video. The audio-visual impact of learning is far superior to just reading alone. If you can create a video that helps someone solve their problem with your product or service it’s easier to convert them into a customer. In 2019 65% of Youtube users looked for videos to help them solve a problem.

Example Of Video Marketing For Small Business

When we talk to small business owners we found that the biggest barriers to creating marketing videos were not knowing how to create a video and fear of being in the video. What they didn’t understand is that they didn’t have to be in the video in order to have a video for their marketing campaigns.

A person being on camera is just one example of video marketing. Other types of videos that can be created are

  • Whiteboard videos
  • Animated videos with characters
  • Voice-over of a demonstration
  • An employee or someone else who is not camera shy
  • Hands-only demo with voice-over
  • Audio only such as podcasts with closed caption text to read along
  • Powerpoint slides with voice over
  • Stock video with stock images and voice over

Below I’ll go over some user-friendly tools you can use to make marketing videos with whichever kind of video you choose for your business. Just remember to use the type of videos that will attract your audience to your business and give you the best chance of converting the lead into a sale.

Product Demonstration Video

Product videos are great when you want to show how your product is used. Any business that sells a physical product should be doing demonstration videos.

Even if you sell simple consumables like coffee, should have product demonstration videos. Grab the user’s attention while brewing a cup of coffee and explain to them how your coffee is different is an example of a product demo video. People like watching things get made, especially a cup of coffee, and the voice-over will be the right touch of audio they need to keep them engaged to watch to the end.

Online software companies do a lot of these types of videos. They do anything from overview videos of new features to existing products to detailed training on how to use the products. These videos help existing customers understand the features and benefits of how to use the system. It also helps potential customers to decide if the software has the right features for them to make the purchase.

Here is an example of video marketing for Social Pilot that we created for small business owners. We demonstrate the main features and why they are important to social media marketing.

Service Explainer Video

Serviced-based businesses can benefit from videos that explain the services they provide. The video can explain how the service is performed and show someone actually performing the service. The other way to do a service video is to explain the need for the service and how it helps the consumer.

An example of video marketing for home inspectors is to show how a sewer scope is done and what the report reading looks like and what they mean. This helps to educate the homeowner on what to expect when a sewer scope is required for them to sell their home or for the buyer who is looking to buy a home.

Another example of video marketing for a service business is to show your team interacting with patients. Here is an example of a home health aid knitting with one of the patients they take care of. This shows potential patient families the type of care their loved ones would receive if they worked with this company.

Behind The Scenes Video

Behind-the-scenes videos are fun to watch. It gives people a glimpse into how things work without having to be an expert in the industry or they get to experience the thrill of what it’s like to be a part of a business.

An example of video marketing for a retail store “behind the scenes” video could be opening and unboxing a new product line that is being added to the store. They can talk about why they brought the line in and then show the new display going up in the store, maybe as a time-lapse. This generates interest in visiting the store in-person to see the display they watch come together and experience the new product for themselves.

FAQ Videos

Frequently asked questions are extremely beneficial to any type of business. Now that internet search has become very question-centric providing answers to common questions in a video format can put your content at the top of the search. Google is now prioritizing video over content since people tend to click on videos more to find the information they need.

An example of video marketing for contractors is doing a series of FAQ videos to answer the most common questions customers ask them. They get to see one of the main people working at the company while getting their questions answered. This video is formatted so that it will not only display on Youtube but also in Youtube Shorts.

Customer Testimonial Video

Proof that your business takes care of its customers is extremely beneficial to getting more customers. People like to hear what other people have to say about your business. While written Google reviews are great for your business you should also consider asking key customers to do video testimonials for you.

This gives the potential customer the ability to see and hear from your customers. This type of testimonial can be more relatable because the person may see themselves in your customer which creates trust faster.

An example of video marketing with a testimonial video for marketing a small business. This example allows the viewer to hear the customer speaks and pulls out the key concepts they are explaining to create a visual impact while watching the video. This combination of audio and text increases the retention of the information.

Educational / Tutorial Videos and Webinars

Many small businesses get leads to their business by teaching and educating on the topics around their business. An industry that does really well with training, and public speaking are the coaching and training industries.

An example of video marketing is a sobriety coach that provides a free webinar on what a sober coach does. This gives the viewer a way to understand the need for the service and to interview the speaker to see if they are a good fit for them.

Online training and coaching aren’t just for those that educate, teach or mentor. It can be for any business that needs to explain their services because they are more complicated to understand. A good example would be a technical support company. They can do webinars on how to prevent cyber attacks. People who attend may decide that it’s too complicated to do themselves and will want to hire the team that educated them on the seriousness of the threat to their business.

Live Event Coverage & Recap

If you work in an industry that attends or sponsors live events, such as sports, streaming these events on Youtube is a good way to bring attention to your business. Streaming on Youtube has become extremely popular because it’s a way to have your content broad casting like on TV without the oversite or expense of trying to be on TV. As well as the live capabilities your videos that are completed after the live stream are part of your Youtube Channel and available for rewatching by those who could not be there live.

Another type of live event that can be created is a new product or an existing product update. Many larger companies have gone to streaming live to unveil the latest products and features to increase buzz around their business. This type of programming is very affordable and easy to do for the small business owner, it just takes some planning and willingness to be okay with a live performance vs a prerecording.

Show A Location

Businesses with a Physical location will benefit from showing their location in all the videos they make. The first ones that come to mind are retail stores, restaurants, and gyms. But AutoCare, doctors’ offices, and dentists should also think about this as well. Any business where a customer comes to you should show their location off a bit.

An example of video marketing for a dentist is to show one of the tools they use in the office to help patients. The video is done in one of the treatment rooms by one of the doctors. It gives the viewer a sense of what to expect when they are there for the first time for a treatment.

Where To Use Marketing Videos

Video is content that can be used almost anywhere now. Because of how much engagement video gets Almost every platform available supports embedded video. Many platforms such as LinkedIn encourage you to upload videos directly to their platforms while others like your email systems such as Mailchimp want you to link to your Youtube videos to share in an email.

Once you start creating marketing videos make sure you maximize them by utilizing them everywhere you can. Here is a list of where you should consider sharing your videos and best practices for sharing.

  • Website – Embed a link from Youtube.
  • Social Media – Upload directly to the social platform
  • Google My Business – Upload directly to the platform
  • Advertising – Follow the requirements of the advertising platform.
  • Email – Embed a link from Youtube.

Tools For Video Creation and Optimization

One of the main reasons why small businesses don’t create video marketing content is the lack of budget or knowledge to create videos. Hiring a company to produce your videos will typically require an additional budget and is typically more expensive than having content written. Many small business owners don’t have the budget but hesitate to learn how to create videos. Since video has become so popular easy-to-use video creation tools have come to the marketing place that are designed to be used by non-professional video editors. These are perfect for small business owners on a budget.


Canva is our first choice for video editing. It is easy to use and is built for non-graphic designers. Canva has a basic recording system built in so that you can record yourselves giving a presentation of slides. Recording of other types of video is done independently but this tool allows you to import your video to use with your own templates or pick from their templates to overlay with graphics and text as well as edit down the video.

You can also create all your Youtube thumbnails within Canva. There are templates to choose from that are already sized correctly to meet YouTube’s requirements for thumbnail artwork.

Tubebuddy For Youtube SEO

We mentioned Youtube a lot in this article. It’s the number one platform for video hosting and streaming. It can even be used to host your live webinars without having to use an expensive webinar platform. With Youtube, your videos have a better chance of being seen since the platform is so popular but you need to optimize your content in your Youtube Creator Studio.

The tool we recommend to optimize your Youtube videos is Tubebuddy. The software has a browser extension that allows your videos to be graded right inside your creator studio so you can optimize them during upload. Inkyma did a podcast reviewing Tubebuddy sharing their favorite features of the tool. Listen to the podcast episode to learn more about all the features it offers.

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