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Schedule Youtube Video

How To Use SocialPilot To Schedule Youtube Video

SocialPilot just released its latest feature. Schedule Youtube Video and Youtube Shorts. Now you can create and schedule your videos to go out across all of your video platforms with Socialpilot. I walk you through how to add your account, create a post and use all the features of SocialPIlot and other tools you will need to optimize your Youtube

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Best Email Subject Line

Best Email Subject Line To Get Marketing Emails Opened

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. It allows you to attract new customers and engage with them directly so you know who they are and how they are interacting with your brand. You can upsell and build stronger relationships with existing customers as well. But first, you have to get them to open the

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Best Youtube Thumbnail Maker Canva

Best Youtube Thumbnail Maker Canva

With the demand for video content growing every day small businesses should consider adding videos to their content marketing mix. Video is a great way to explain complex ideas and concepts as well as let your audience see behind the scenes of your company. The key is to get them interested enough to start watching the video. This is where

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example of video marketing

Example Of Video Marketing For Small Business

There are many types of marketing for small businesses. With the popularity of TikTok and the amount of time, everyone is spending on Youtube video marketing has become extremely beneficial when marketing a small business. With any new campaign channel, there is always doubt about how it should be done. Following what everyone else is doing may not be a

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Youtube thumbnails

How To Make Good Youtube Thumbnails For Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are a great way to generate awareness for your business. Businesses that use video as part of their marketing mix grow revenue 49% faster than non-video marketing strategies (wordstream). For most businesses, the easiest and faster way to host their video is using Youtube. Many sites and email systems have built-in integrations for sharing Youtube videos and it’s

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Social Pilot

Social Pilot – Social Media For Small Business Marketing

Social media is a great marketing tool for small business owners. It doesn’t cost a lot to implement and getting an audience built doesn’t take a lot of time. The key to social media is to be consistent with your posting. To be consistent you have to have a plan on how often and what you are going to post.

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Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO Strategy Small Channels

Youtube videos are almost always the first options shown when searching for something now. If you are the content creator of a small channel that is supporting your education plan for your business, it’s important to make sure your videos are done well but also to make sure your videos follow a Youtube SEO Strategy so that your videos can

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Marketing Analytics Process

Better Customer Relationships: A Marketing Analytics Process

In our article 7 Marketing Report Objectives To Increase Sales we talked about retaining current customers to help drive sales growth in a business. If you enjoy helping your customers and are always looking for ways to improve your customer service then a customer retention objective is a great place for you to start working on adding revenue to your

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