Marketing Masterminds

Marketing Masterminds is an educational blog sponsored by Inkyma. Educating  business owners, marketing managers and marketing professionals on tools and services that will help you grow your business is our passion.

Audrey Kerchner, our founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at Inkyma feels that all businesses should have access to good quality content and educational materials to help grow their business.

The recommendations team has over 20 years of experience in marketing and working with businesses as small as one person up to corporations that employ thousands of people. We understand that marketing is different for your business and having the right tools is critical to a successful marketing strategy. 

We are Affiliate Partners with many of the tools and services we recommend and educate you about on this blog. We partner with these companies because we ourselves use these tools and recommend them to clients that hire us to do their marketing.

We do get paid a commission when you use our links to sign up for the service.  So think of it as a way of saying thanks to us for sharing our knowledge with you and for helping you grow your business.

Our website content, videos and educational programs will always be free so that every business regardless of your size or situation can benefit from our experience.

If you have any questions just open that chat and we are happy to talk.